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Pre K/Kindergarten


  • Speaking & Listening

  • Reading &Writing

  • Speaking&Listening

    Kiddie utilizes TPR teaching method and attempts to teach language through physical (motor) activity. Through Kiddie's interactive programs, Children most likely to have a stronger memory association and better in recalling the language, colors, and numbers.

    At the age of 3-4

    At this stage, Kiddie's programs help our Children to grasp the use of twenty-six alphabet and spelling rules. Our Children may have an extensive vocabulary of over 300 words and be able to speak in sentences of about five to eight words, and may be able to read independently from simple phonetic readers.

    At the age of 4-5

    By the time your child joins Kiddie’s junior or senior kindergarten, your child may have read over a hundred small books. Your child may also have written, illustrated, and decorated his or her own little books.

    At the age of 5-6

Pre-K (3-4岁)
K (4-5岁)
K-1 (5-6岁)


We desire to instill a positive attitude and sense of responsibility and charisma in each and every student. We hope to communicate integrity, courage, tolerance, and perseverance so that our students possess the character necessary to become successful in all of their future endeavors.

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