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Kiddie Educational Group specializes in children’s education study abroad programs.

More about Kiddie

  • 1968

    Concept introduced in 1968
  • 1000

    1000+ schools
  • 10000

    Preferred learning center of over 10,000 families
  • 2-12

    Educating children ages 2 to 12
  • Online and Offline E-Learning

    Customized Learning Management System

    Sample Course

    KIDDIE COURSEKiddie Course

    At the age of 2-3Preschool

    Building solid foundations

    At the age of 3-6Pre K/Kindergarten

    Ideal time to embark on one’s English learning journey.

    At the age of 6-12Elementary School Children

    Not just learning English but using English to learn.


    We desire to instill a positive attitude and sense of responsibility and charisma in each and every student. We hope to communicate integrity, courage, tolerance, and perseverance so that our students possess the character necessary to become successful in all of their future endeavors.

  • Suite#1207-1208 Tian An Center, 338 West Nanjing Road
  • 400-018-4900
  • 021-53080213
  • kiddie@kiddieedu.com